We changed this page in 2012 from a list of virtually every name who got us started—and thank you all—to the people and organizations without whom we would simply not be here. We also added a roster of everyone who has accomplished all of the original 650 miles of the Alabama Scenic River Trail. Some have done much more.

The people and organizations who make us possible

Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
Alabama State Parks
Autauga Creek Improvement Committee
University of Alabama Development Office
Cahaba River Society
Auburn University Extension Program
National Park Service
4-H of Alabama
The Alabama Legislature
Tennessee Vallery Authority
Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District
Cosby Company
Coosa Alabama River Improvement Association
Alabama Association of Resource and Conservation Districts
Alabama Power Company

We thank the following people who paddled the entirity of the 631-mile core Alabama Scenic River Trail, traversing the state from Georgia to Ft Morgan in the Gulf of Mexico
Ardie Olsen finished in 12 days 2 hours 9 minutes, a record time
Richard Grove - Georgia, started in north Georgia, did 850 miles. His blog is here
Warren Johnson - so far our only round trip paddler. 652 miles down, 647 back up from Ft Morgan, then 106 to the Neely Henry Dam = 1,405 miles
Sam Lentz from Mississippi  and John Hayes from Alabama have together paddled the Tallapoosa (260 miles) in 2010; the ASRT "core" trail (660 miles) in 2011; and the Black Warrior / Tombigbee  (439 miles) in 2012
J. Harold Banks —has completed the core Alabama Scenic River Trail plus the Tallapoosa River. A PDF book of his journey is here
Kevin Hand—and he never stopped paddling after Ft Morgan
Doug Wicklund - after paddling, then went back and installed 47 camp signs for us, now doing 25 more
and has re-done portage trail signs at 4 dams and adding 48 more portage signs
David Cutchin - Florida
Patrick Schmidt - Florida
David Haynes- with two Golder Retrievers in hand-made cedar canoe. His blog is here.
Jamie Bailey - with his dog Huckleberry Finn in a flat bottom boat, went on down into middle Florida
Randall Lackey
Sam Brown
Laura (first woman to finish the trail) and Nate Paulk. Laura's blog with her river adventures is here.
Chet Bailey and dog Casey
Matt Reynolds did in 2012 when age 18 in about three weeks
Retired school teachers from Indiana and Virginia - Jan Wanetick and Gayle Owens

Trevor Clark, with a great article here

The following are the names of powerboaters who love the river and who have assisted with our journeys on the rivers
Bobby and Dot Wright
Babs Bender and Mitzi Rollins
Cheyenne and Cathy Bradford
Chet Bally and his dog Casey
William and Pat Steadham

Laura (first woman to finish the trail) and Nate Paulk. Laura's blog with her river adventures is here.

Bobby and Dot Wright, residents of the paradise at Lower Twenty Estates on the Alabama River, extraordinary helpers and friends of all paddlers on the Alabama between Elm Bluff and Millers Ferry.

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