The support of Alabama Power Company, which operates the six Coosa River dams and lakes above Montgomery; and the United States Army Corps of Engineers, which operates the three river lakes and dams south of Montgomery; has made the realization of the Alabama River Trail possible. We would like to thank both entities for all they have done and continue to do, and it is imperative that all travelers on the Trail read and abide by the regulations of both of these generous organizations.

Regulations of the Alabama Power Company: Applies to Coosa River segments

Trail users must assist the Alabama Scenic River Trail (ASRT) and the Alabama Power Company (APCO) while they are on APCO property. Trail users must strictly comply with the following requirements while on APCO property. NOTE: All portages on the Coosa River are on APCO Property.

Each Trail user must:
  • Not damage or destroy any APCO project works or other APCO property.
  • Remove all food, trash garbage, refuse or discarded equipment and litter (all hereinafter “litter”) from APCO Property. If such has not been placed on APCO property by this user he will either remove the same or report the same promptly to the ASRT through contact information provided in each Trail segment guidebook or on this website.
  • Carry with him/her storage equipment sufficient to remove from APCO property anticipated such litter, realizing that trash receptacles are not provided on portages.
  • Not camp or light any fire on APCO property.
  • Erect no temporary or permanent structure or signage on APCO property.
  • Remain on portages designated by ASRT or by APCO and not leave such designated portages to be on other APCO property.

Regulations of the US Army Corps of Engineers: Applies to Alabama River and Delta segments

Visitors to the Alabama Scenic River Trail while on the three Alabama River Lakes formed by Robert F. Henry Lock & Dam, Millers Ferry Lock & Dam, and Claiborne Lock & Dam are within the jurisdiction of the United States Army Corps of Engineers and are expected to abide by Federal regulations regarding the recreational use of public lands and waters. Prospective travelers should download this document and be familiar with these regulations before
departing on any part of the Alabama Scenic River Trail.