Governor Bentley announces ASRT statewide sign grant
In what is surely the largest statewide sign project outside of ALDOT's road signage, a grant was announced on February 20 2014 that will put up to 200 destination directional signs around the state. Virtually every major access point on nearly every river in the state will receive one of the signs. 

The signs are to be four feet long and 18 inches high and will include a map of the river or creek region showing dangers, campsites, nearby roads and towns, skill levels and points of interest. Also included is safety information and a narrative of the trips available in the area. The signs were modeled after the Alabama Scenic River Trail's successful pilot project along 35 miles of Terrapin Creek in North Alabama.

"This project will be a great benefit to people who come to enjoy a waterway they know little or nothing about" says Jim Felder, Alabama Scenic River Trail's Executive Director. These signs will provide an instant, on-the-spot education about an area for anyone who comes to enjoy a day or a week on the rivers of Alabama. It will be  helpful to Alabamians and visitors alike."

Work on the project will commence this spring and is expected to be complete within a year. 

If you would like to know where signs might be placed under the terms of the grant, you may email to