The Alabama Tourism Economic Impact Study—a simple tool we can all use
Alabama Tourism Economic Impact Study is here and ready for business
Over the last year and a half, one of the primary efforts of the Alabama Trails Commission has been the development of a system of information-gathering about trail use in Alabama. This includes any kind of trail, and is aimed at determining how much recreational trails mean to the state economically. Please find the final version of the Alabama Tourism Economic Impact Survey at the link here .
Everybody involved in outdoor activities in Alabama should know about—and use—this form. It’s simple. When people come in your store, gas station, event or trailhead, hand them a copy of this form and ask them to fill it out. It’s that simple.
It’s simple, but it’s important that you take action and distribute this form to trailgoers. This project represents the first time that we in Alabama have ever attempted a comprehensive program to understand how our abundant recreation opportunities translate into jobs and dollars. We in Alabama need to know what is attracting participation, where it is attracting people from, and what kind of impact it is having on local economies. This form was developed by Alabama’s recreational trail stakeholders and professional economists. It is a single page in length, the minimum space for the information we need.
When you collect the forms, return them to the address below (or return them to the Alabama Scenic River Trail). Should anyone have any questions relating to this project feel free to call or email the contact information below and they will be glad to assist you with this process.
University of Alabama
Center for Economic Development
Box 870138
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0138
(205) 348-8328