ASRT is hiring a Media Manager. Is this a job you can do?
Important announcement: Job Opportunity for Media Manager with ASRT
RESOLVED that the Executive Board have Executive Director Jim Felder advertise the new Media Manager position on ASRT Facebook page and to our current Membership and to general public media outlets for two weeks. All applications received will be sent to our Executive Director to recommend two potential hires from which the ASRT Executive Board will decide on one to begin employment September 1, 2017.  
Email your resume with a cover letter describing why you are qualified for this position to or by mail to Alabama Scenic River Trail, PO Box 365, Anniston Alabama 36202.
Job Description follows:
Alabama Scenic River Trail
Job Description
Seeking applicants for the position of Media Manager
The Alabama Scenic River Trail seeks to hire a Media Manager.
The goal: Assist in the goal of making Alabama Scenic River Trail a household word by 2027 and extend its funding, development and influence. Core requirements of the job are the creation and distribution of appealing images and messages from the Alabama Scenic River Trail using social and traditional media and the measurement of that success through tracking metrics.
The Alabama Scenic River Trail (ASRT) is a ten-year-old 501(c)(3) organization that has emerged as one of the state’s premier recreational and community development specialist organizations. The ASRT seeks a Media Manager to boost the organization’s mindshare through the next decade, the focus of which will be the promotion of the paddling opportunities created during the first ten years. The Alabama Scenic River Trail is seeking a person to fill the position of Media Manager.
Some travel will be required, but success in the position should be sought by specializing in presenting the work of others, gathered from a network of contributors from around the state. It is the development of this network of contributors and the ability to package, publish and measure it as effective, attention-getting content that is key to this mission. Travel will be reimbursed at or near the standard Federal rate.
The successful applicant will be familiar with typical office applications and computers, printers and scanners (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, iMovie or similar a necessary. Adobe Suite a plus). The ability to transfer large files is important. The ability to title, edit and add production value to content is a must. Must be well-versed and adept at social media (Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, for instance) and contribution to simple web page systems and work with ASRT board and Executive Director, outside contributors and enthusiast groups. Must be able to compose effective business communications. This job requires a person with active outdoor experience and knowledge of outdoor adventures.
Salary will commensurate with applicable experience.
During its first decade of development, the ASRT has achieved a number of notable accomplishments, including the following milestones:
Became the longest river trail in a single state over a “core” historic trade route of 650 (a long-distance quest for many paddlers) and over 5,300 miles of cataloged, mapped rivers and streams
Became one of the nation’s very few river trails to achieve the Department of the Interior’s National Water Trail designation
Became a key player and leader in the promotion of all the state’s recreational resources
Fostered an environment which saw an eight-fold increase in the number of adventure service businesses throughout the state.
Consulted with numerous cities, counties, and other organizations to develop their streams into tourism destinations.
Began the RiverKids program to teach any child in the state of Alabama to paddle for free
Promoted safety in the state’s fastest-growing sport
Initiated numerous programs to enhance the education, safety and viability of paddling in Alabama
Designed, produced and installed over 200 signs around the state to assist tourism and provide safety and educational information
The main challenge for the Media Manager will primarily be one of promoting what has already been accomplished.
The Media Manager will be expected to manage the business of generating publicity for the ASRT. The nature of our recreational and educational mission and the wide-open opportunity of this position will provide fertile ground for an innovative social and traditiional media mix. New, visionary projects have always been and will continue to be the lifeblood of the ASRT.
Specifically, the Media Manager will:
Actively seek the content and experiences of recreational shareholders, especially involving our waterways, as they benefit the goals of the ASRT
Actively seek awareness of the plans and activities of these stakeholders and coordinate them with the expansion of the ASRT message to the public.
Develop and provide the expertise and assistance to help communities create quality content for use by ASRT
Promote the ASRT to the widest group possible
Actively seek a role for ASRT in educational media
Identify and develop a relationship with potential partners and sponsors
Develop and use printed materials, images, video, public relations, website(s) and social media to provide an active voice for the organization
Be familiar with the technologies that facilitate these duties
Contribute to social media including but not limited to the existing ASRT website and Facebook accounts by means of regular content additions with the expectation that the ASRT audience will be increased and that Regional Directors, ASRT Chapters and similar groups will be supported in telling the ASRT story.
Professional Qualifications:
Transparent and high integrity work ethic
Strong self-direct abilities to support burnishing the ASRT image
Ability to sell ASRT’s future needs to staff, board, volunteers and donor
Strong written and oral communication skills
Demonstrated ability to oversee projects and collaborate with others
Salary and hiring:
Position will report to the Board of Directors.
Salary will be negotiated and will be commensurate with experience and abilities.
The Alabama Scenic River Trail is an equal opportunity employer.